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Our Successes so far……..and Other Stats

150 +

Pregnant and new mothers welcomed and supported each week through the programmes we offer

100 +

Babies welcomed into the world and their wonderful mummies and families congratulated

50 +

New mothers benefitted from our FUNDED AquanatalBabes sessions for improving mental health

96 +

Babies introduced to the benefits of water

200 +

Pregnant and new mums accessed our FUNDED outdoor sessions over the summer

£15k +

Raised towards funding programmes to improve the physical, mental and social health of pregnant and new mothers




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1 in 3

Women have a Diastasis Recti 6 months post birth

1 in 3

Women suffer from Urinary Incontinence post birth

1 in 5

Pregnant women suffer from Pelvic Girdle Pain

1-2 in 10

Women suffer with Postnatal Depression

more than 1 in 3

Women suffer from Urinary Incontinence in the second and third trimesters

1 in 5

Women leak flatus (wind) or faeces one year after birth

1 in 4

Women suffer from Faecal Incontinence (including unintentionally passing wind) in late pregnancy


Of women trying to do pelvic floor exercises from a pamphlet get the techniques wrong