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Brushing up on massage and remedial therapy

Brushing up on massage and remedial therapy

So you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, or you’ve just had a baby, eek what now!

Everybody’s journey is so different, from first finding out that you’re pregnant, right through to holding your baby for the first time and coping with the early weeks/months of life with a new little edition to your family. It is the most amazing and fulfilling life-phase for any women, albeit it, life-changing and not without some challenges!

YOUR well-being is of the utmost importance and what better time to be healthy, happy and comfortable! Not only will that serve you well, but will also have huge benefits for both your baby and your family. If you’re happy, they will be happy!

YOU, are your greatest well-being advocate and with help, support and a little nurturing you can achieve great things.

So this weekend I went down to London and had the most fantastic 2 days training with Burrell Education, not only brushing up on both my pregnancy and postnatal massage skills, but also learning some amazing recovery/remedial therapy techniques. So how can massage and remedial therapy help keep you happy, healthy and comfortable?

Get to know your body, and you can then begin to improve it….

  • So let’s look at your posture, breathing and how well your core is working for you. Have you noticed that your shoulders are hunched? That you’re standing leaning to one side? Do you know if you’re breathing well? Have you noticed a ‘leak’ when you cough, sneeze or laugh?
  • What ‘hot spots’ have you got…any aches, pains or tensions in your body that may need relieving? Backache, sore knees, hip pain, cesarean scar tightness or discomfort?
  • How well are you sleeping….or have you forgotten what a good night’s sleep is?
  • Do you make sure you are eating a well-balanced healthy diet or are you grabbing for those sugary carb snacks?
  • Feeling ‘elated’ or a ‘little down’ at times…or maybe a combination of both?

So having asked yourself these questions, do you need a little help along the way?

You may find that our massage and remedial therapy packages are just what you need.  Click for more information on our website

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