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Pregnancy Exercise – Active Bumps


Specifically designed pregnancy exercise class which includes walking and low impact exercise class  (indoors)  to keep fit, help with the increasing demands of pregnancy and prepare for birth in a safe, fun and effective way.  We pay particular attention to your posture, back and pelvis pregnancy is the way to go...reaping the benefits of keeping on the move and safe exercise which will help you adapt to your changing shape and prepare you for the challenges of 'labour day'...


LS14 MumsGetActive - Seacroft
March 08, 2018
9:30 am

Please ensure that you have completed the relavant health form prior to attending your class.

Benefits of Active Mums & Bumps

Production of endorphins to give that 'feel good' factor

Improves posture and increased abdominal and core strength

Fun, social experience and a great way to meet new friends

Eases back/pelvic pain and minor symptoms of pregnancy

Helps prevents postnatal complications such as separation of abdominal muscles and urinary incontinence

Prepares the body for birth

Increases energy

Improves self-esteem and body confidence

Maintenance of healthy weight gain in pregnancy.

Provides posture/back/abdominal & pelvic floor awareness

May shorten the birth process/labour

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What Happens at the Active Mums & Bumps Session?

Warm welcome & completion of enrolment/health screening forms if not already done

Warm up walking laps and mobilising exercises to music, to warm up the muscles and mobilise the joints

Brisk walking around the venue

Intermittent low impact aerobic & muscular strengthening exercises to music at a variety of stations

Gentle paced walking laps, warm down and stretching exercises to music

Time to chat with other mums over healthy refreshments


Wear loose, comfortable clothing (supportive bra) and suitable and supportive footwear

Bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated