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Our Aquanatal class is a fun, safe form of exercise specifically designed for pregnancy from around 12 weeks until baby arrives.  The water offers a wonderful therapeutic and supportive environment, and creates welcoming buoyancy and weightlessness which enables the freedom to stretch, breathe and exercise far beyond capacity on dry land, resulting in an optimum full-body workout for you and your baby.  Our holistic approach provides a perfect balance of relaxation, cardio-vascular and muscle strengthening exercise to help cope with the increasing demands on the body during pregnancy and prepares for birth.

...A full-body workout to music in the pool is just what the Midwife your body the best possible workout with the benefits of weightlessness and therapeutic effects of the water...


Aquanatal Garforth 6 week block
January 04, 2024
7:00 pm
Aquanatal Bramley 5 weeks
November 21, 2018
7:15 pm
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Event Information

Bramley Baths, Broad Ln, Bramley, Leeds LS13 3DF

*If you are more than 36 weeks contact us about paying weekly

Please ensure that you have completed the relavant health form prior to attending your class.

Benefits of Aquanatal

Fun, enjoyable and safe

Improves circulation and cardiovascular fitness

Less risk of stress on joints

Opportunity to socialise and make new friends

Maintains a healthy weight gain


Relieves backache and pelvic pain

Reduces fluid retention

Helps prepare for labour

Improves core stability

Aids bonding with baby

Improves postural and pelvic floor awareness

Enhances physical and mental well-being

Improves quality of sleep

Improves co-ordination and balance

What Happens at the Aquanatal Session?

Welcomed into our friendly group

Gentle warm up followed by low impact aerobic session

Muscular strengthening exercises in group

Fun exercise activities using woggles and floats to add variety to the session

Time to chat during workout

Warm down with relaxing yoga stretches


You will be encouraged to work at a pace that keeps you warm enough in the water, but does not over-exert you

Have a small snack prior to the session but not a large meal

The aim is that you should still be able to talk as you perform the exercises

Bring along a bottle of water to keep on the poolside for hydration

You may feel more comfortable wearing a supportive bra under your costume