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Antenatal Education


A dynamic antenatal, childbirth and parenthood education class specifically designed for mums-to-be/couples/birth partners, to prepare for a positive birth experience and to provide the skills and confidence for the challenges of parenthood.  Class numbers are limited to maximum of 3-6 mums/couples (depending on venue) to allow for individual needs and a friendly, informal & ‘safe-feeling’ environment. A variety of teaching styles will be used including group work, demonstrations, activities and talks. Our aim is to develop new knowledge & skills in the most effective, comfortable and beneficial way.


The courses will offer a wealth of information, giving opportunity to develop realistic coping strategies and techniques for all types of labour, including ‘active birth’ and ‘when things don’t go according to plan’.  Parents have chance to gain hands-on experience with practical skills such as baby bathing and nappy changing, and dads even get chance to wear our pregnancy empathy belly! In addition, an introduction to Hypnobirthing techniques will be included.

....preparing for the 'birth day' and life as a new parent can be fun, informative and invaluable when perfectly designed especially for you...


Antenatal Education Full Day Greengates
February 25, 2018
9:30 am
Antenatal Education Full-Day Whitkirk
September 03, 2020
6:00 pm

Please ensure that you have completed the relavant health form prior to attending your class.

Benefits of Antenatal Education

Specialist Midwives giving up-to-date, realistic information for all labour, birth and parenting needs

Small groups in a comfy and relaxed venue

Gain tips on staying fit and healthy during pregnancy to ensure the best possible birth experience

Feel more confident to create the perfect ‘birth plan’

Know how to recognise the onset of labour and what to expect during the birth process

Birth partners feel confident and recognise the important role they play

Practice a wide range of coping strategies including, positions, massage, relaxation and breathing and know all the options for pain relief

Learn about what happens if things don’t go according to plan

Feel confident in the role as new parents in the early postnatal weeks

Practice baby care and feeding techniques including bathing, breastfeeding, nappy changing, getting baby to sleep and coping with a crying baby

Time to ask as many questions as necessary

Great way to make news friends with other parents expecting babies around the same time (these friendships often help parents through the first few months of life with a new baby)

What Happens at the Antenatal Education Session?

Warm welcome and group introductions (no embarrassing ice breakers!)

Opportunity to set the agenda for the session based on the group’s needs and requirements

Cover the range of topics using a variety of teaching methods such as videos, practical demos, quizzes and group discussion

Plenty of opportunity to ask questions

Refreshments provided throughout the session

Time for reflection on the session and evaluation

Take home information pack supplied and contacts for on-going support


Wear suitable, comfortable clothing in order that we may practice a variety of birthing positions and massage techniques

It’s your class so relax and enjoy it!

For full day classes bring along a packed lunch (fridge facilities available)

There is no such thing as a daft question – feel free to ask as many as you need to!

Completely parent-led so you are welcome to set the agenda/ground rules, refreshment/comfort breaks, and move around freely for your comfort