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How to save a baby’s life and how to save a child’s life

This programme is designed to equip you with the vital skills and knowledge to save a baby’s or child’s life if an emergency situation occurs, confidently and calmly.


It is quite frightening that 9 out of 10 parents do not know basic first aid skills that could help them save their baby’s/child’s life and only 20% of parents in the UK think that they could resuscitate their child.


Delivered by a trained instructor we will cover basic life saving techniques and provide advice on what to do when a baby stops breathing, or how best to deal with a choking situation. Using a life-like baby manikin, you will learn how to perform basic CPR and first aid as they would in a real life situation. The workshop if very hands-on, so you will quite quickly understand the basics, giving you a skill for life.



...a skill which we hope you will never need, but may save a life...
How to save a baby’s life and how to save a child’s life
January 29, 2018
1:30 pm

Please ensure that you have completed the relavant health form prior to attending your class.

Benefits of First Aid

To have the knowledge and confidence to know what to do if your child or baby starts choking

To be able to assist with other parents if their children begin to choke

A relaxed atmosphere to the course that is sensitive to the nature of performing CPR on young children

To learn how to perform CPR on a child and baby if the worst should happen

What Happens at the First Aid Session?

A practical session with demonstrations and time to practise the different skills

Opportunities to ask questions about CPR and first aid questions in general

Handouts to take home as a reminder for the future


Wear comfortable, loose clothing for the practical workshop.

Don't be shy to have a go with the 'hands-on'....the more practice, the more confident you will feel.

Feel free to ask lots of questions, we are always happy to answer them...and if we don't know all the answers we will find out for you.