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Aquanatal Babes


Running over 6 weeks in the pool, this class is a wonderful opportunity to return to fitness following birth safely in water with the added benefit that  baby gets to join in too giving them the first introduction to baby swimming and lots of exercise to support their brain development, build strong bones, muscles and joints and improve their flexibility. It will also help them sleep and relax better!  This class provides not only a full-body workout for mum, but is a fantastic, safe introduction to the water for baby, who can keep close-by. By combining strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises, the sessions provide the optimum workout to develop core stability, and at the same time a special bonding experience with baby.

...every baby can become a water's the ideal environment for mother to bond with their baby...


AquaBabes Bramley 5 weeks course
November 09, 2017
3:00 pm
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AquaBabes Holiday Inn Garforth
January 04, 2024
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Please ensure that you have completed the relavant health form prior to attending your class.

Benefits of Aquanatal Babes

Safe, fun, enjoyable exercise for mum and fun time with baby in the water

Enables the closeness of touch between mum and baby and promotes ‘bonding’

Develops baby’s body awareness, flexibility & stimulates cognitive development

Can help alleviate postnatal depression

Helps to increase mums confidence in the water with baby

Learn relaxation techniques to help you in the early months with a new baby

Reduces tiredness and increases energy

Eases back/shoulder/neck and pelvic pains

Strengthens and retrains the abdominal & pelvic floor muscles

Improves posture and increases abdominal/core strength

Helps postnatal recovery if separation of abdominal muscles has occurred (recti diastasis) or mild urinary incontinence

Prepares the body for aerobic or more high impact exercise in a safe and appropriate way

Fun way to socialise and make new friends

What Happens at the Aquanatal Babes Session?

30 minutes pool session offering a full-body workout using aqua aerobic exercise and aqua yoga/Pilates techniques, with opportunity to enjoy close bonding with baby in the water

Starting with a warm up and stretch to prepare the body for aerobic exercises which raises the heart rate and works all muscles/joints through fun routines with baby, followed by exercises to strengthen and tone muscles

Finishing with a warm down and further stretches to prevent aching

Relaxation session ends the programme leaving you with a feeling of well-being and quality time with baby

Use of floats, woggles, balls and paddles adds variety to the schedule

Encouragement to work at your own pace, and it is not necessary for to be able to swim

Demonstration of safe techniques for entry/exit of pool & appropriate holds for baby in water

Classes are fun and flexible, with encouragement & reassurance given throughout


Car seats can be brought onto pool side if required

If baby gets hungry during the session, please feel comfortable to feed your baby as required

Bring along a change mat

Bring along towel to poolside to wrap baby in on exiting pool

Have fun & enjoy !

Remember a bottle of water to keep hydrated

Allow plenty of time prior to the start of the session for you and your baby to get changed. Usually about 15 minutes before class is due to start

Please wait on poolside for Instructor before getting in the pool to allow for safe entry into the water with baby

We recommend a disposable swim nappy and either a neoprene over nappy or wetsuit