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BabyLearn Classes


A range of professionally-designed workshops available to educate, support and gain confidence in your new and exciting role as new parents; including early days, baby wellness, and paediatric first aid courses.

How to save a baby’s life and how to save a child’s life

Delivered by a trained instructor we will cover basic life saving techniques and provide advice on what to do when a baby stops breathing, or how best to deal with a choking situation. Using a life-like baby manikin, you will learn how to perform basic CPR and first aid as they would in a real life situation. The workshop if very hands-on, so you will quite quickly understand the basics, giving you a skill for life.


Our dynamic and informative workshops are specifically designed for new parents by our Natal Health Experts.  Fun sessions which are ideal for those seeking deeper information and knowledge to take care of you and your baby following birth and the parenting journey.  Keeping yourself fit life….