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Preparing for the Marathon of Birth

This fantastic workshop aims to prepare you for birth and beyond unlike most traditional birth preparation workshops. It will prepare your mind and body for the marathon it is about to undertake (and we wouldn’t do a marathon without being physical and mentally prepared!).


Your body is changing and adapting to bring your precious new baby into the world and it’s so important that it is conditioned/strong and able to withstand the added stress on your joints and muscles. Not only that, we want you to recover well following birth and this workshop will set you in good stead for that.


We will provide you with lots of information on how to keep active during pregnancy; safe muscle-strengthening exercises; active birth preparation; how to eat well & keep hydrated in pregnancy; tips on how to relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy such as backache, PGP, and carpel tunnel syndrome.


Preparing for the Marathon of Birth
February 26, 2018
1:00 pm

Benefits of Workshops

Know how to keep safely active in pregnancy

Be aware of current recommendations about physical activity during pregnancy

Minimise/avoid some of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, such as backache, pelvic girdle pain and carpel tunnel syndrome

Avoid embarrassing 'leaks'

Prevent you from becoming one of a huge amount of women who suffer with prolapse, incontinence, backache and hip problems in later life

Become an advocate of your own health by knowing your body and understanding how it is changing and adapting

Reduce stress & anxiety in pregnancy

Improved healthy, balanced diet

Improved breathing & posture

Improve balance and reduce the risk of falling

Personal 'tool kit' of self-help strategies to take home

Positive birth experience

What Happens at the Workshops Session?

We will share with you a wealth of information about your physical and mental wellbeing

Practice positions and coping strategies for an active birth

Practical, fun session offering 10 essential exercises to prepare your body for birth

Opportunity to discuss and explore therapy/treatment for any minor symptoms or discomforts of pregnancy

Learn vital tips on how to gain a speedy post birth recovery

Develop a personal nutrition & hydration plan

Develop a 'tool kit' of self-care strategies to take home

Opportunity to meet and make new friends


Wear comfortable, loose and layered clothing

Bring any cushions/pillows you may have to support you comfortably when sitting

The workshop is all about YOU...please feel free to ask questions