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BabyTherapy Classes


Both mum and baby can benefit from massage! We offer individually-tailored postnatal massage and remedial therapy packages for mums to enjoy some much needed ‘me-time’ including help with aches, pains, tiredness and low mood. Packages can be offered with or without baby joining you, although we do recommend you leave your baby so that you can enjoy a little ‘me-time’! BabyConnect is our 5 week baby massage course including sensory play and singing!

Baby Connect ‘drop in’


A friendly, fun and informal ‘Drop-In’ session which incorporates a range of sensory experiences for mum and baby including baby massage, sensory and musical play and a welcome opportunity to relax, chat and make friends over refreshments.


Postnatal Massage and Remedial Therapy


We don’t just offer a postnatal ‘massage’, we offer a whole life approach which you most absolutely deserve! You’re well-being is of the utmost importance and what better time to ensure that you are happy, healthy and comfortable. Not only will that serve you well, but will also have huge benefits for your baby, giving him/her the best start in life, and your family. If you’re happy, they will all be happy!

Baby Massage


A relaxed, special bonding class for mum and baby to enjoy the numerous therapeutic benefits of baby massage.  Learn a sequence of soothing massage strokes that you can use at home, which may relieve common baby ailments such as colic and constipation and helps baby sleep well.