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Jackie and Lindsey’s Birth Stories

Jackie and Lindsey’s Birth Stories


Jackie writes:

“From the moment we found out we were having twins I had so many questions about the birth and there were so many options. As the time got nearer we seemed to get fewer and fewer options! Originally I really wanted to have a natural birth as with my first child who is now 5 years old we got right to the bitter end and they whisked me off for an emergency c-section, so I kind of felt like I was cheated. Anyway nature took its course and having repeated scans right up until the week before they were delivered, it was all planned that I would have an elective c-section. Both babies were transverse (laid across my tummy) so there was no chance in hell that either baby was coming without help! By that point I was really in two minds after all I knew what labour was like, all the risks that come with twins delivery I just felt like the recovery was going to be so much harder with a c-section I wasn’t actually that nervous about the operation I kind of just wanted to get on with day to day mum life like vacuuming, taking a nice stroll with my lovely new pram, the school run and shopping (which I knew I probably would miss as much). I also wanted to breast feed the twins and that was another worry I know your milk takes longer to come in when you have a c-section and it caused havoc for me and my first born. All these little things that meant so much to me were just niggling in my mind.
Anyway the date was booked a few weeks prior and we finally arrived bright and early at St james Hospital on 7th April at 37 weeks pregnant.
So for me I kind of had an idea of how everything was going to work so I did feel a bit more at ease but god I’m just about have two tiny humans which I just cannot imagine!
We were met by our lovely midwife Ruth who was to be with us throughout the whole experience she took us to recovery where you wait to go into theatre. The doctors and the anaesthetist all visit you before you go into theatre to explain exactly what is going to happen and what all the risks are (some of the things you probably don’t want to hear just before you go in for major surgery). We were all dolled up for surgery, surgical stockings, the works! My husband dressed up as what I can only describe as George Clooney in ER!
 They then told me that a lady would go in for her section before me due to her risks so me and my husband sat tight in the waiting area where we sat and watch a spot of day time TV!
So we waiting until about 10:30 when Ruth re-appeared and said ‘it’s time!’ God did the nerves kick in I think at this point I was most nervous about the epidural it’s not the nicest experience, I mean when your in full blown labour in so much pain you literally don’t care how much the epidural hurts because it feels amazing once you have had it, but when your having it when in no pain at all it’s a bit strange. Anyway I listened and kept very still while they administered it and actually all I could feel was pressure. Now that was out of the way I could meet my babies! So they wheeled me into theatre and as we entered I could see two incubators one saying Twin 1 and the other saying twin 2 and the room was full of doctors and midwives.
They started straight away the screen was up but my husband was on full viewing mode! The only way to possibly describe it was relaxed and serene. The radio was on the surgeons were talking about where they were going on holiday all the while my husband is telling me moment by moment what is happening. Once they started I couldn’t feel a thing there was a bit of pushing and pressure on my tummy and up towards my rib cage. Then before I knew it at 11:54 the screen was down and my twin 1 5lb 15oz baby boy was born screaming at the top of his lungs, he was so tiny. I just remember bursting into tears thinking oh thank god and just the shock really that they were finally here.
They took him over to the incubator to do all their regular checks on him and then brought my little Ollie over to meet me! He was all wrapped up in the hospital towel they placed him carefully on my chest he was just so tiny and a perfect fit. The doctors were trying to deliver twin 2 who was not as happy to vacate and was clinging on, finally at 11:56 twin 2 my beautiful 5lb 8oz baby girl was born also screaming at the top of her lungs! While they were doing checks on twin 2 they passed Ollie to his Dad and once they had finished they brought my beautiful Esme over to meet me. They laid her on my chest, what perfect little additions we have. The moment 3 became 5 the proudest moment of my life, I just cannot describe in words how amazing this felt they are just so perfect. Me and my husband spent the rest of our time in surgery admiring our two tiny babies.
The surgery went as well as it could and I was wheeled round to recovery where I managed to breast feed both babies to my amazement and surprise (with a little help of course from the lovely Ruth). For a week prior to delivery I had been hand expressing and stocking up just incase the babies blood sugars were low. Apparently this had helped the flow start a lot better then it would have been.
By around 5pm the numbness in my legs started to wear off and the advice I was given was to be up and about as soon as I could so I had a little walk to the loo and back. My tummy was very sore and I still looked about 9 months pregnant but I wouldn’t say I was in a huge amount of pain just uncomfortable. Then at around 7pm when my visitors descended I decided I would take the opportunity to have a shower and let my family and friends get to know the new additions while my husband helped me. That too was not as bad as I thought I mean it’s not great but I wasn’t in a lot of pain just sore and a little bit tired, all in all things were going rather well.
The following day at 9pm I was discharged from hospital, these days if your feeling ok they don’t tend to have you hanging around which I was over the moon about! I just wanted to be home in my own bed in my own surroundings with my little boy who was waiting very patiently for us all to arrive home.
Slowly but surely during the next few weeks I started to feel a bit more human the recovery was a lot better than I had thought it would be and I was back to doing all my normal things even driving after 4 weeks. Now 5 months on I feel really good (other than the lack of sleep that comes with all newborns, surely at 5 months they should be sleeping through?! Well one is, not sure what’s going on with the other!)……”

Lindsey writes:

“I did not want to write a birth plan as who knew what was going to happen or how I was going to feel. I was keen to avoid being induced and having an epidural or diamorphine and that was as far as I had taken it and I wanted to be as active as possible during labour.

Around a week before my due date I just didn’t feel great, I could not put my finger on it. I spoke to my MW the next day even though I actually felt better than I had the day before. I was told to contact MAC who asked me to come down, just bring my notes but they would just check me over. My BP was so high they wouldn’t tell me the reading and I was admitted to be induced. My pregnancy became higher risk than before and I could no longer have an active birth. Induction is like 0 to a 100 mph in 10 seconds! I had the diamorphine and an epidural (which didn’t work!) and baby Alice was delivered.

It wasn’t the labour I wanted in my mind and whilst I have the most amazing outcome, it took me a few weeks to stop worrying about it. It really does not matter; there is no pressure, make choices you are happy with at the time. Our midwife was amazing (and also called Alice!).

All babies have to come out, it doesn’t matter how and if you feel unwell you should contact your MW or the MAC straightaway.

Within hours of Alice arriving I said I would do it all again…”

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