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Safe exercise after the birth of your baby

Safe exercise after the birth of your baby

Don’t RUN into embarrassing complications post pregnancy, return to exercise safely

By Sarah Lines

Whether you have led an active lifestyle or not, rushing into exercise post childbirth can leave you with long term complications.

You may want to get your pre-pregnancy body back but participating in strenuous physical activity too soon can be detrimental to your precious pelvic area. Unfortunately if the correct care is not performed you can cause or worsen a plethora of problems such as;

 Incontinence (leaky bladder)

 Prolapse (dropping down of pelvic organs)

 Diastasis recti (separated stomach muscles)

 Pelvic girdle pain

 Back pain

 Bowel problems

Horrible hey? However these conditions can be avoided and/or reduced if the correct approach is applied.

Your pelvic floor,  back and core abdominal muscles have all been weakened through pregnancy and childbirth. Even after your 6 week G.P. check they will most likely not function as well as before, no matter how fit or unfit you were.

Join us at any of our classes and we will advise, instruct and support you on the safest way to get moving. Here is a quick guide to point you in the right direction for safe and effective natal health and exercise.

Try to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine such as:

Low impact exercise





Pelvic floor exercises Postnatal abdominal bracing Light weights


High impact exercise



Sit ups


Kettle bells


Burpees (chest to floor movement followed by a jump)


Start slowly and listen to your body, and you will soon be able to progress to more challenging exercises.  DO NOT EXHAUST  yourself as you may be suffering from fatigue with sleep deprivation and the challenges of a new baby.

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