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Relaxation, Breathing and Massage Workshop


Learn the crucial techniques to look forward and enjoy a calm, confident, more comfortable, and positive pregnancy and birth experience.


A friendly, dynamic workshop for mums and dads-to-be to practice the all important art of deep relaxation, effective breathing and relaxation, and therapeutic massage.  Great opportunity to meet and make new friends with other expectant parents and share thoughts, worries, and expectations.

Preparing for the Marathon of Birth



A fun and dynamic workshop for pregnant women to prepare your mind and body for birth.


Offering a wealth of information about your physical and emotional well-being, a practical session on active birth and key exercises to help condition, strengthen and ensure that your body is better prepared to withstand the added strain on joints and muscles during pregnancy and birth.

Breastfeeding Workshop




Breastfeeding is a natural and normal way to feed a baby, and by choosing to make your baby a breastfed  baby, you and your partner are giving your baby the very best start.


This  friendly, practical workshop will realistically prepare expectant parents for the joys and challenges of successful breastfeeding in the early days and weeks.


‘Bounce back’ to a safe and effective postnatal recovery


This fun and dynamic workshop will help you to ‘bounce back’ to health and fitness following birth, slowly, safely and effectively!


We will provide you with lots of information and practical support to ensure that you start on the right path to reaching your health and fitness goals. Suitable for all new mums who have had a baby in the last year.