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‘Bounce back’ to a safe and effective postnatal recovery


A fantastic workshop to help you regain your health and fitness following birth, slowly, safely and effectively!


We are all expected to ‘bounce’ back following birth in today’s modern world, but really? Your body has been through a lot (for 9 months and the process of birthing!) You’re probably sleep deprived, still healing following cesarean or perineal trauma, and not eating quite how you should be. Therefore the most important thing is to take it it slowly, recognise that it will take time for your body to ‘heal’ and ‘restore’, and that goes for all women no matter how they birthed.


Taking into consideration the changes that your body has undergone during pregnancy and post birth, we will provide you with lots of information on how to strengthen your core muscles including your pelvic floor; how to eat well and keep hydrated; and reduce/avoid the risk of   postnatal ‘blues’ and depression.


We will also have lots of fun practicing some great exercises for you to take home, and also ‘tips’ on how to relieve some of the aches and pains that many women suffer from post birth, such as knees, backs, pelvis and shoulders.



‘Bounce back’ to a safe and effective postnatal recovery
November 07, 2018
1:00 pm
‘Bounce back’ 5 Week Course FREE LS13 only
February 22, 2018
1:00 pm
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Benefits of Workshops

Full health screening

Learn about the huge benefits of keeping active following birth

Be aware of the current recommendations of leading an active lifestyle for you, your baby and family

Strengthen core muscles

Alleviate the confusion of what exercises are safe following birth

Improve pelvic floor fitness

Learn simple scar tissue release (cesarean)

Improve breathing & posture

Diastasis recovery (separated abdominal muscles)

Relieve aches & pains

Improved healthy, balanced diet

Improve/Maintain mental well-being

What Happens at the Workshops Session?

We will share with you a wealth of information about your physical & mental well-being

Practical, fun session offering 10 essential exercises to postnatal recovery

With consent, we can perform a 'rec-check' for diagnosis of diastasis (separated abdominal muscles)

Posture assessment & realignment

Opportunity to discuss & explore therapy treatment for any postnatal conditions

Develop a personal nutrition & hydration plan

Develop a 'tool kit' of self-care strategies to take home

Opportunity to meet & make new friends


Wear comfortable, loose and layered clothing

Bring any cushions/pillows you may want to support you comfortably when sitting

The workshop is all about YOU...please feel free to ask questions